More than only German industrial design

function, ergonomics, economics
emotion, aesthetics, attractiveness

Paulussen brings the typical functional and cool german design together with emotional design feeling from his grandmothers family background as a huguenot from France.

red dot award winner

PAULUSSEN DESIGN two times awarded

The SIEMENS CombinoXL for BERNMOBIL, Berne, Switzerland, and the STADLER Variotram for BYBANEN, Bergen, Norway win the worldwide renowned "red dot award winner" for excellent design quality. Thats a great success for our work.

SIEMENS CombinoXL BERNMOBIL, Berne, Schwitzerland

STADLER Variotram BYBANEN, Bergen, Norway,
Exterieur- and Interieurdesign: Paulussen Design
Colordesign: FuggiBaggi, Bergen, Norway